We Hack Health is a brand built around community. The aim is people helping people. From the podcast, hashtag to discord. A tribe of people moving forward as one.

This is where HACKSv1.0 was born, the first iteration of a new coaching model – Training and nutrition tailored to you, your needs and goals with progress managed as a tribe of individuals on similar journeys willing to share the suck, the struggles and the success.

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Ben Canning - Online Coach


Over the past 6 years, I have realised that one of the greater components to success is the people you surround yourself with. This coaching programme is built around a tribe of people that want better not only for themselves but for those around them.

Ben Canning - Online Coach


From weekly training videos and exercise execution reviews to weekly calls and access to in-person events, the goal of this programme is to educate you to the point that you no longer need me.

Ben Canning - Online Coach


Support not just from me within the discord channel, in your check-in and on the weekly calls but also from the rest of the community. Support, feedback, motivation, inspiration and even a little bit of healthy competition.

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More than just a comparison photo, I believe that to get a true understanding of how someone has changed, you need to hear what they have to say.


HACKSv1.0 is a group-based training programme built around Habits, Accountability, Community, Knowledge and Systems – with the aim to teach you everything you need to know to be successful on your health and fitness journey.

It is a 12-month programme that will use the power of coaching, education and community to ensure you are successful on your journey.

HACKS has been built around people within the cyber security, infuse, tech world. We spent the past 6-9 months taking feedback and over coming problems to create a more accessible program at a more affordable price.

Yes, everything in your training plan will be built around you, your goals, your needs, what equipment you have available and how much time you can commit to.

All communication is handled through the private discord channel and on our weekly group calls. The main benefit of this is to share both experience and knowledge with the entire group.

From a coaching perspective, the format of each week will look pretty much the same, we will have our group call every Monday, there will be a new training or educational video added to the mainframe every Wednesday, you will submit your check in sheet every Thursday, replies and feedback will be done on Friday/Saturday.

From an individual position, each week will be tailored to you, your training days etc.

If it is something that you have recurring then we can make sure that your training programme accounts for it. If it is something that happens while you are in the programme then we can adapt training around it to ensure you can still work out while rehabbing and recovering from injury.

Only if we feel like you need it. The reason I don’t like nutrition plans is they are repetitive AF (I’ve been there) they also don’t teach you anything, just how to move towards whatever your goal is based on a list of 10 foods that you will hate within a few weeks.

I am a fan of the lowest effective dose situation –  We will start with a protein goal and calorie goal – from there we can get more specific IF we feel like it is needed down the line.

Book your initial call here, and we can see if it is a good fit or if the programme is right for you – then we can outline the next best steps to getting you onboarded.

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