Transform Your Life with We Hack Health: A 12-Month Journey to Mastery

Welcome to We Hack Health, an innovative 12-month group-based education program designed to elevate high-performing professionals, especially those in the tech, infosec, and cybersecurity sectors. Our mission is to empower you to become the best version of yourself – not just in the gym, but in every aspect of your life.

Tailored to Your Unique Journey

At We Hack Health, we understand that one size does not fit all. That’s why our program is fully managed and delivered online, offering you the flexibility and customization you need. We’ll tailor your training and nutrition plan to align perfectly with your individual needs, time constraints, and goals. Our weekly check-ins ensure your journey is constantly updated and adapted, keeping you on the path to success.

Beyond Fitness: Holistic Development

Our program stands out because we focus on the ‘whole human’. This isn’t just about sets and reps or counting macros. It’s an immersive educational experience, designed to equip you with lifelong skills and knowledge. Our extensive education portal, updated weekly, offers a wealth of resources, from breathwork and meditation to mobility, mindset, and high-performance strategies.


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Personal development and education

Our program is a journey of learning and self-discovery. We provide an extensive education portal updated weekly with resources spanning from fitness and nutrition to mindset, productivity, and high performance. The goal is to empower you with knowledge and skills that last a lifetime, ensuring you're equipped to manage life's diverse challenges independently.

Strengthened Community

Join a thriving community of like-minded individuals where support and growth go hand in hand. As a member of We Hack Health, you're part of a family that celebrates wins, shares challenges, and offers continuous encouragement. This ever-growing network extends beyond the program, fostering long-lasting relationships and a sense of belonging.

Expert Guidance at Every Step

Each week, you'll join group calls led by me, Ben, and our collaborative coaching team, comprising experts in various fields. These sessions are your opportunity to delve into diverse areas such as mindset enhancement, mobility improvement, and productivity hacks, all tailored to high performers like you.

Client Testimonials

More than just a comparison photo, I believe that to get a true understanding of how someone has changed, you need to hear what they have to say.


HACKS v2.0 is a reimagined group coaching program designed specifically for professionals in the tech, cyber, and infosec sectors. It offers an enhanced user experience, more touchpoints, a fortified curriculum, and a supportive community to ensure holistic growth.

The new version has been rebuilt from the ground up based on feedback and lessons learned from the original program. It offers a streamlined process, from the moment you join to your ongoing interactions. Additionally, it promises more educational resources, expert insights, and a revamped weekly schedule to better serve the community.

Yes, everything in your training plan will be built around you, your goals, your needs, what equipment you have available and how much time you can commit to.

Expect a thriving, supportive community that comprises both new and original members. Additionally, our team of coaches, experts, and #notacoach founding members will be on hand to provide guidance, share expertise, and offer multiple touchpoints throughout the week.

HACKS v2.0 is curated specifically for professionals in the tech, cyber security, and infosec sectors. Our program offers solutions tailored to the unique challenges faced by these industries.

From a coaching perspective, the format of each week will look pretty much the same, we will have our group call every Monday, there will be a new training or educational video added to the mainframe once per week, you will submit your check in sheet on your assigned day and feedback will be delivered within 36hours. We will also have a rotating expert led call every Thursday – from mindset to breath work – coaches corner, nutrition, hormones and more.

From an individual position, each week will be tailored to you, your training days etc.

If it is something that you have recurring then we can make sure that your training programme accounts for it. If it is something that happens while you are in the programme then we can adapt training around it to ensure you can still work out while rehabbing and recovering from injury.

Only if we feel like you need it. The reason I don’t like nutrition plans is they are repetitive AF (I’ve been there) they also don’t teach you anything, just how to move towards whatever your goal is based on a list of 10 foods that you will hate within a few weeks.

I am a fan of the lowest effective dose situation –  We will start with a protein goal and calorie goal – from there we can get more specific IF we feel like it is needed down the line.

To join us, simply book a strategy session using this link.

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