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Working one-to-one with Ben allows for a truly bespoke experience. A training plan is built around what you have available in terms of gym, equipment, time and ability. Nutrition guidance teaches you how to eat in a way that suits your lifestyle. You will be working directly with me, I can’t do the work for you but I will be there with you every step of the way.

It is my goal to educate each client to the point that they no longer need me – I will always give you the reason why we are doing everything that we are doing plus you will have full access to the mainframe – an ever-growing education portal.

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Ben Canning - Online Coach


An intelligent training system built around your needs, goals and availability - designed truly to maximise time, effort and results.

Ben Canning - Online Coach


Nutrition with performance in mind - eating better to perform better not only in the gym but making sure you have better focus, mental clarity and more energy in work and at home.


A cohesive lifestyle - something that brings everything together. A way that you can build this out as your new identity with a system that you can carry with you for the rest of your life.

Client Testimonials

More than just a comparison photo, I believe that to get a true understanding of how someone has changed, you need to hear what they have to say.


Online personal training, how we do it – is designed to give you all the coaching aspects you would get from an in person coach, and more. We will cover both training and nutrition plans designed to you and your needs as well as continued education on the ‘why’. You will get weekly check in feedback plus monthly 1-1 check in calls to ensure everything is on track.

You will check in with me 1x per week via email, you will get a video response within 24-36 hours reviewing last week’s data, any exercise execution videos, mapping out what the week ahead looks like with any adjustments that have been made and why they have been made.

We will also have at least 1 one to one check-in done over zoom per month.

Yes, when building out your plan I will always consider goals and level of experience. One of the benefits of working with a coach as a beginner is that it can take a lot of the guesswork out and allow you to really maximize those crucial few months.

No, the majority of the people I work with train from home with some level of equipment. I will take this into consideration when building your plan and build it based on what you have available.

Many of my clients travel for work, which makes online coaching a no-brainer. I am happy to adapt programming to suit travel and also help you best navigate your training on the go.

Alongside the weekly check-ins, weekly group calls and the ‘family chat’ on discord, you will have direct access to my personal mobile number and can message me anytime. If it is something that needs a bit more in-depth conversation we can set up a call.

No, sessions are not done via any form of video call. You will be supplied with all of the details of your training plan, what you need to do, how the sessions should look, how to ensure you are progressing etc. I offer personal coaching to help you maximize every aspect of your life, not just training instruction.

With that being said, you will not be left to fend for yourself, you can contact me at any point with any questions about anything within the plan.

I use Stripe for the majority of payments. If it is an upfront payment you will get one invoice and that will be you set. If it is a monthly payment you will get the initial invoice and it will run as a recurring payment from then.

Stripe accepts both credit and debit cards.

Only if we feel like you need it. The reason I don’t like nutrition plans is they are repetitive AF (I’ve been there) they also don’t teach you anything, just how to move towards whatever your goal is based on a list of 10 foods that you will hate within a few weeks.

Back to the lowest effective dose situation –  We will start with a protein goal and calorie goal – from there we can get more specific IF we feel like it is needed down the line.


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