Client Testimonials

More than just a comparison photo, I believe that to get a true understanding of how someone has changed, you need to hear what they have to say.

Dave K 2.0


Thomas & Jen

Mike aka Todd


Phil & Tyler

Dave K

Dave talks about the struggles he has had in the past, hitting rock bottom and how a well rounded approach that fits his lifestyle has given him the confidence to do this long term.

Kev C

Kev admits struggling with controlling calories and how it began to impact his energy levels, his confidence and in every area of his life. He now recognises that ticking the boxes week after week will set him up for success.

Mike O

Mike admits that life got in the way after getting married and having kids and slowly but surely he found himself over weight and out of shape. Initially the goal was to get back to a love for training and allow the results and changes to follow.

Michael H

Michael never really struggled with hitting the gym but was frustrated that he wasn't getting the results he felt like he should have for the effort that he was putting in. Now that we have the data and base adjustments off that, the whole approach makes more sense and the results speak for themselves.

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